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By ticking the box I agree to be contacted by phone and receive marketing communication. This policy describes how UAB TeslaPay collects and processes the personal microsoft dirba iš namų of its customers and shares it with third parties.

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Please read this document carefully as this policy is legally binding when you visit our Sites or use our Services.

We value our relationship with you and place the highest importance on respecting and protecting your privacy, your personal information will be processed in accordance with applicable law and this Privacy Policy. We use a secure server and other secure implements to store the information we gathered about you.

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To keep your information as secure as possible, we have adopted internal rules on information security that include both instructions and measures to protect your personal data against being destroyed, lost or modified, as well as against unauthorized publication, and against unauthorized parties gaining access to or knowledge of the information.

As you will know, the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure. Although we will do our best to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee the security of your data during transmission, and any transmission is at your own risk.

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Once we have received your information, we will use strict procedures and security features to prevent unauthorized access. We restrict access of your personal information to those TeslaPay employees who have a business reason for knowing such information. We provide continuous training to our employees about the importance of confidentiality and privacy of customer information.

We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with the relevant laws and regulations microsoft dirba iš namų protect your personal information from unauthorized access.

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You may give us your personal data e. D, etc. This also includes information you provide through your continued use of our Services, participate in discussion boards or other social media functions on our Website or App, enter a competition, promotion or survey, and when you report a problem with our Services. This additionally may include date of birth, microsoft dirba iš namų, nationality, financial information including credit card, debit card, or bank account informationpayment reason, geographical location, occupation and your picture.

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Information we collect about you: When you use our Services or access our Sites, for example, to send or receive money, to make purchases from merchants, we collect information about the transaction, as well as other information associated with the transaction such as amount sent or microsoft dirba iš namų, amount paid for products or services, merchant information, including information about any funding instruments used to complete the transaction Technical Usage and Device Information, and Geolocation Information.

Technical Usage and Device Information — information we collect from your phone, computer or other device that you use to access our websites or Services. This information tells us how you use the websites and Services, for example, what you have searched for and viewed on the websites and the way you use our Services, including your IP address, your login information, statistics regarding how pages are loaded or viewed, browser type and version, the websites you visited before coming to the websites and other usage and browsing information collected through Cookies.

Geolocation Information — information that identifies your location obtained through GPS, Wi-Fi, or cell site triangulation.

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Some of our products may ask you for permission to share your current location. If you do not agree to our collection of the geolocation information, our websites or Services may not function properly when you try to use them. Information about you from third parties we are working with: 2. Facebook or Google, etc.

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We may receive access to certain information that you have provided to them, including your name, profile image and e-mail address. We use such information, together with any other information you directly provide to us when registering or using our Services, to create your account and to communicate with you about the information, products and services that you request from us. You may also be able to specifically request that we have access to the contacts in your social media account so that you can send a referral link to your family and friends.

Please note that when you visit a TeslaPay social media page, microsoft dirba iš namų are subject to all applicable terms of use and policies for that social media platform, including its privacy policy. You are also subject to TeslaPay policies, as well as its privacy policies and the privacy policies of its partners as stated in TeslaPay Terms of Service policy.

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If you do include personally identifiable information, your comment or post may be deleted. We use your personal data information in the following ways for: 3. For purpose of providing services to you — we collect and process your personal data in order to provide our services to you: to carry out our obligations relating to your contract with us and to provide you with the information e.

For this microsoft dirba iš namų, we process your personal data received from you e.

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For this purpose, microsoft dirba iš namų microsoft dirba iš namų provide or transfer your data to our partners who contribute to our Services for you, state and government institutions, etc.

For this purpose, we may keep your personal data up to microsoft dirba iš namų two years after the termination of the business relationship with you. For purpose of security — we process your personal data in order to keep our Services safe and secure e.

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For this purpose, we process your personal data received from yourself and as a result of the use of our Services by you e. For this purpose, we may keep your personal data up to 8 eight years.

For purpose of administration of debts and any disputes from the agreements — we process your microsoft dirba iš namų data in order to ensure your payment for us and for the settlement of disputes from the agreements between you and us. For this purpose, we process your name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address, e-mails, letters, transfer data, residence address and your identities data of your person.

For this purpose, we receive your personal data directly from yourself, from publicly available sources e. For this purpose, we keep your data until the end of the debt administration debt liquidation considering the limitation periods set by the legal acts.

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For this purpose, we may keep your personal data up to 10 ten years microsoft dirba iš namų the termination of the business relationship with you. For purpose of administration of the work of the TeslaPay employees — we are obliged by law to collect and process some personal data of our employees.

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For purpose of selection and data base of candidates to vacancies in the TeslaPay — we process personal data in order to find candidates to work with us. For this purpose, we may keep your personal data up to 6 six months.

For purpose of direct marketing — any in this Binarinis variantas geriausia platforma Policy mentioned information that could be used for direct marketing purposes will be used only upon your given consent.